The vine is cultivated in Crete since antiquity, even at the most rough areas of the island. The Cretan indigenous grape varieties are well incorporated in different types of the ground-relief. PETASSOS leads you to the most important viticultural area of Heraklio and introduces you to the Cretan vineyards and wines.

Starting location for the guiding: HOUDETSI village

THE TRIP INCLUDES: Initiation in the theme in the tasting room MESARMI which is located at the entrance of the village / Short walk at traditional Cretan vineyards around the village / Wine tasting of Cretan wines in the tasting room (tasting is accompanied with Cretan paximadi and cheese).


A glass of wine owes its existence to the soil, the climate, and the cultural and personality parameters which exist all year round. Each season requires different agricultural activities and cares of the vine which will finally determine the grape and the wine quality.

Participating in this 4 hour trip, the travelers will visit the most important viticultural area of Heraklio, will walk in the narrow streets of the semi-mountainous village Houdetsi, as well as up to its hilly vineyards. At the end of this trip the wine tasting of Cretan wines is the greatest reward of this tour.