A subversive approach of the most famous palace of Crete and the Minoan civilisation.

Starting location for the guiding: Knossos (northern parking location).

Trekking at the top of the mountain Yiouhtas (811m.). Guiding in the Minoan sanctuary of Anemospilia. Visiting the hilly area of Agia Paraskevi from where will take place the presentation of the area of Knossos, its surrounding landscape and the majestic Minoan palace.


Knossos, the great city of Minoan Crete, was the seat of the legendary king of the island, Minos, son of Zeus and οriental princess Europe. The earliest ancient sources mention the name of Minos with the word “Enneoros”, i.e. the king his term lasted nine years. Every nine years Minos ascended to the mountain edge of his earth, to receive the law of God itself, essentially to renew the sanction of his nine-year office. The scenery around the palace of Knossos provides one of the most imaginative mythical landscapes of this nine-year ritual process. On the outskirts of Knossos lay the mountain that may be climbed and the rivers that flowed from this mountain leading to Knossos and the palace of the king, forming the paths and roads of this area.

The travelers of PETASSOS have the opportunity to become acquainted with this ancient “fabulous scenery”: the landscape of mountain, rivers and roads of the region, where the town and the palace of Knossos were built up. The excursion to this historical landscape, gives the stimulus to know the ways of measuring time by the Minoans, i.e. to get to know their calendar: the power and management on Time, was as severe as the responsibility for the successful Space management, by Minos the great King of Knossos.