We are feeling released for project like this, even more when these projects are taking place next to Eliathos..........

.............Giorgos Ritsakis, the inspirer of “The Archanes Project” , initially wanted to build his house with stone. Then, while researching other methods on the internet, he found out about the natural building group ‘Piloiko’ and attended workshops in Chania and Agios Nikolaos to practice the different techniques.

He finally decided that the best method to use in the two houses he constructs on a slope facing the olive groves of Archanes and mount Yuchtas is the “light clay” technique. Straw and clay are mixed together and fill the ‘skeleton’ of the house, which is then finished with plaster.

Cretan land offers all the materials generously, including the large stones used for the foundations..........|source: CRETAZINE Crete's Online Magazine| 

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